Now you can sign in to your WhatsApp account from four other phones

WhatsApp will now allow users to sign in to their account from another phone, just like you can log in with your own account through a PC or tablet. The new feature has just been announced and will be rolled out to users around the world in the coming weeks. WhatsApp users have been requesting the ability to use the same account from multiple devices for quite some time.

While it has become possible to access the popular messaging app through the app for a web browser or PC, this is the first time you will be able to link one account to multiple smartphones as well. Users will be able to access message threads, all their photos and other media from multiple devices without compromising security or privacy.

A user can link four other smartphones to his WhatsApp account and only the primary phone can be used to authorize other devices. This process is like running WhatsApp Web in which you scan a QR code. However, the company also says that it is working on an OTP-based authentication system as an alternative.

How the new WhatsApp feature is useful for users?

use whatsapp in multiple phones

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this feature on the official broadcast channel. The company envisions that the ability to sign in from a friend or partner’s device can be useful in a situation where it’s important to stay in touch or get information from a message thread. Another possible scenario is for small business owners to authorize employees to respond to official business communications, providing faster and more responsive customer support.

The company has also said that if the primary phone on which the account is signed in is inactive for some time, then all other devices to which it was connected will be automatically signed out.

This time window for WhatsApp Web is currently 14 days. Although partner devices are dependent on the primary device to sign in, their connections to WhatsApp servers are independent, so users can still get their important information and conversations if they lose access to the primary device. Accessing your account through any linked device also doesn’t require turning on the primary phone or an active data connection.

How to use a WhatsApp account on multiple phones?

  1. Open WhatsApp on the device you want to use as secondary to your WhatsApp account.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your primary phone, and search for the ‘Linked Devices’ section in Settings.
  3. Tap ‘Link device’.
  4. If an ID check has been set up, follow the on-screen instructions to verify your identity.
  5. Your primary phone’s camera will be activated, use it to capture the QR code that appears on the other device.

That’s all you have to do. The process is similar to setting up WhatsApp Web. The QR code contains uniquely identifying information that allows WhatsApp to verify that both devices belong to you and that you have allowed pairing.

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