UGC Fake Universities List 2022 Updated with 24 unapproved institutions List of UGC Fake Universities – 24 Universities in India are fake which aren’t approved by UGC – Check the latest list 2022.

Based on complaints received through students, parents, the general public and electronic print media, UGC has declared 24 self-styled institutions as fake universities. If you’re aspiring for a better career then you must go through the UGC Fake Universities List 2022.

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said the University Grants Commission, a higher education regulatory body, has declared 24 institutions as fake and found two more violating norms. The Education Minister made this statement in response to a written question in the Lok Sabha.

These institutions were working against the UGC Act and have no power to award degrees to students. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of Eight (8) fake institutions followed by seven (7) institutions in Delhi.

List of Unapproved UGC Fake Universities 2022 fake universities list

The Union Education Minister said, “Based on complaints received through different types of mediums, UGC has declared 24 institutions as fake universities.

In addition, two more institutions – Indian Education Council, Lucknow, UP and Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM), Qutub Enclave, New Delhi are also working in violation of the UGC Act, 1956. The cases of Indian Education Council, Lucknow and IIPM, New Delhi are sub-judice.”

List of Fake Universities in Uttar Pradesh as per UGC Notice

Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of eight fake universities as listed below:

  1. Varanasi Sanskrit University, Varanasi.
  2. Mahila Gram Vidyapith, Allahabad.
  3. Gandhi Hindi University, Allahabad.
  4. National University of Electro Complex Homoeopathy, Kanpur.
  5. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Open University, Aligarh.
  6. Uttar Pradesh University, Mathura.
  7. Maharana Pratap Shiksha Niketan University, Pratapgarh.
  8. Indraprastha Education Council, Noida.

List of Fake Universities in Delhi according to UGC

The capital of India isn’t any behind as well. There are seven fake universities in Delhi as shown below:

  1. Commercial University Limited.
  2. United Nations University.
  3. Professional University.
  4. ADR Centric Judicial University.
  5. Indian Institute of Science and Engineering.
  6. Vishwakarma Open University for Self-Employment.
  7. Spiritual University.

There are two such universities each in Odisha and West Bengal. They are the Indian institute of alternative medicine, Kolkata and institute of alternative medicine and research, Kolkata as well as Nava Bharat Shiksha Parishad, Rourkela and North Orissa University of Agriculture and technology.

On the other hand, there is one fake university each in Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Puducherry and Maharashtra, which goes by the following names:

  • Sree Bodhi Academy of Higher Education, Puducherry
  • Christ New Testament Deemed University, Andhra Pradesh
  • Raja Arabic University, Nagpur
  • St. John’s University, Kerala
  • Badaganvi Sarkar World Open University Education Society, Karnataka.

Beware of the Fake Universities listed by UGC

Pursuing a degree or diploma takes a lot of time, effort, and money. So, you should carefully check the institution for UGC/NAAC approval before applying for admissions. fake university list is available now.

Previous List of Fake Universities by UGC:
If you take admission in one of the fake UGC universities lists, you may get the degree/certificate at the end of your session. But this certificate/degree/diploma won’t be valid for any govt or even private job. So, it’s just a piece of paper that can’t be utilized anywhere.
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  1. Country is in danger due to the educational scam by Most of the Private Universities in India. I would like to inform about the higher education and the powers given to Private universities are selling backdated UGC approved degrees to fake students. People have got these degrees without any exams. And working as teachers lawyers engineers pharmist nurses ect. By the grace of your poor administration and control. The affiliating authorities knows all the facts such as UGC BCI FCI NCTE but not taking action due to the corrupt officers. The Lifes of thousands of students have been spoiled and about 5000 to 10000 UGC approved by UGC are being sold per year per university to the fake students. The students are fear to complaint as no one is ready to listen the complaint and if any complaint has been lodged that has not been properly investigated or some time there is jurisdiction problems.
    A criminal group of Rohtak headed by Joginder Dalal and Sarita Kawatsara are running a private university i.e. OPJS university Churu and they were the Chancellor Chair person of the university and now as per records they are having no link and resigned from their posts are the real owner of the university and still seeling the degrees to fake students whole sitting in the university on the name of their staffs to save them selves from the legal comlications. Since 2013 not even a single student have compiled or fulfill the conditions as universities does allow to do so and all the students has been given the first year and second year mark sheets and in the final years these students has bot been given their mark sheets and all the mark sheets are bing sold to fake students and any one can take these UGC approved mark sheets on a very high rates with in a day.
    Fir 457/2012 Rohtak,194/2018 Bhiwani, 238/2018 Ujjain,283/2018 Rohtak,336/2020 Rohtak FIR 3/2018 Viglamce Panchkulla, 4/2018 VIg Rohtak and 18 of Vig Hissar has been lodged against various crimibal scams such as degrees selling to fake students, Selling fake medicines and ST/Sc scam in Haryana but all vain and they are still free to sell the degrees. They selling degree varies from 100 crore per year to 1000 crores per year from university to university.
    These degrees are nit being sold in india but being sold to out side India also. I have all the proofs given to the Rohtak Police but has been misused so kindly depute a actionable honest officer from CBI or Crime Branch from centre and not from Haryana as he is having links ith high officials and politicians. I assure that the country will be saved from these criminals and lots of Benami Property will be recovered.

  2. Sangai international University Manipur is fake or not


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