Trisha Kar Madhu Viral Video MMS leaked – Check Details Here

Trisha Kar Madhu Viral MMS Video leaked – Check Download Details Here: Bhojpuri hot actress Trishakar Madhu MMS went viral about a month ago when trishakar madhu viral video download link started trending on social media. Now a lot of searches is being done trishakar madhu video once again, this time her video is going viral with Bhojpuri superstar actor Pawan Singh.

Bhojpuri hot actress Trishakar Madhu, who has been in the news for Viral MMS on social media, is once again being searched continuously. Trisha Kar Madhu Kunwar Wala Chij song video is creating havoc these days. After that new song, trishakar madhu viral video has started trending once again.

Pawan Singh and Trishakar Madhu’s ‘Kunwar Wala Cheez’ (Kunwar Wala Chiz) remains at the top of the search on YouTube these days. Pawan Singh and Trishakar Madhu have done tremendous acting in it.

Trisha Kar Madhu Viral Video in trend after the new song

The song has been sung by Pawan Singh and Saloni Bhardwaj. Arun Bihari has penned the lyrics of the song and the music has been composed by Chhotu Rawat. The audience is loving it and searching. It has been viewed by 19,05,359 people on YouTube so far.

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Trishakar Madhu’s MMS went viral about a month ago. She was in an objectionable condition with an unknown man. She has been the target of fans since then. She says people have brought her old videos to defame her. But, people have termed it as their publishing stunt. Her unexpected fan-following has also increased on social media over the course of a month.

Many people on youtube have also shared audio recordings of their conversation with Trisha. In these recordings, people are questioning Trisha who is with her in the video? and why is she doing it? The Bhojpuri actress has vented her anger against those by writing posts on social media.

trisha kar madhu viral mms video

She writes, ‘Khuda sees everything, made my private video viral to spoil mine image. There are so many poor people in Bihar. I appeal to the people for peace, Trisha said that if you are my supporter, please maintain peace and not share the video. God will punish anyone who has made my video viral.
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