TN E-Pass Registration 2022 Check Tamil Nadu Covid-19 Online Pass Status

TN e Pass Status – How to register for Tamil Nadu E-Pass 2022? As the cases of the covid 19 are increasing day by day the Tamil Nadu State Government has imposed the lockdown in the state. Recently new variants of covid 19 such as IHU, Omicron are discovered so the government extended the state-wide lockdown till 10 January. Containment zones are also made in the state.

During the lockdown, all the schools, colleges, banks, shopping malls, etc. are closed until the lockdown is over. If a person is travelling within the state he/she must have to carry TN E-Pass provided by the Tamil Nade State Government. If anyone is going outside from and state and coming from another state they will also have to carry TN E-Pass 2022.

The government has made mandatory the E Pass for travelling in the state. if you are also trying to get Tamil Nadu E Pass then you have to visit the official website link given below. For more details regarding Tamil Nadu, E Pass read the complete article.

TN E-Pass Registration 2022 Tamil Nadu Covid 19 Online Pass Status

tn epass registration 2022

It is mandatory for all passengers whether they are coming from other countries or the natives travelling within the state boundary to carry Tamil Nadu Covid 19 Online Pass. If the patrolling unit of the state found any person without E-Pass strict actions can be taken on that person. So we advised you to apply for TN Inter-State E-Pass before moving within the state.

The government is taking these strict steps just to protect its masses. So it’s our moral duty to cooperate with the administration in order to maintain the law. The E Pass is not available for the common public. People who are associated with the government jobs, Police, Health Worker, Bank Employees, Medical departments, Water departments, etc. are allowed to apply for the Tamil Nadu E Pass.

People who are involved in agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, plantations are not allowed to apply for the Covid 19 E Pass. Because these activities are restricted in the state until the lockdown is over. The state government has also put the public transport service on hold till 10 January 2022. In the government department entry is also banned if any person not wearing the mask.

Tamil Nadu State E-Pass Registration for Foreigners

  1. Visit the official website using the link added below.
  2. Then select the link named”coming to Tamil Nadu from a foreign country”.
  3. Then you have to type a valid email id.
  4. An OTP will be sent to that mail.
  5. Fill in the required details and then click on submit button.

TN E-Pass Registration steps for Inter-State Travel 

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Then click on the link for Inter-State travel registration.
  3. Now enter a valid phone number.
  4. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile.
  5. A registration form for Tamil Nadu State Pass will appear.
  6. Enter the right details.
  7. Then submit the E-Pass registration form.
Tamil Nadu E Pass Guidelines
  • The masses are advised to fill in the authentic reason for travelling because at the time of checking if your reason is found invalid or false strict actions will be taken against the person.
  • It is not necessary that all the candidates will get the E-Pass. Covid 19 E-Pass request may be denied if they did not find it authentic.
  • If a person gets a travel E-Pass, will have to isolate themselves for 14 days after he/she completed their journey.

How to Download Tamil Nadu Vehicle E-Pass for Essential Services?

Here we have mentioned some easy steps by following on can apply and download the Tamil Nadu Inter-State Pass for Essential Services.

  1. First of all, visit the official website and click on the essential service pass.
  2. Enter the applicant’s name, mobile number, date of birth, e-mail address, application type.
  3. Enter the applicant’s home address.
  4. Now enter the details of vehicle registration number, vehicle type(LMV or HMV), journey type (one way or round trip), reason of travelling, etc.
  5. In the next step enter name, age, and contact number of the members travelling in the vehicle.
  6. Carefully read the declaration and if are agree with it then press submits button.
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  1. Same here…I am planning to visit chennai…I would appreciate, if any one, response and clarify regarding requirement of e pass in Tamilnadu is still applicable or done away with….

  2. Today, I am planning travel from shj to Chennai. Please let me know whether e-pass require now a days.

    I am getting below error message.

    The TN e-Pass/e-Registration portal is not operational now.

    • It is still non-operational. When will it be up. I need to apply for next week travel

  3. Tomorrow, I am planning travel from Dubai to Chennai. Then need to travel Vellore. Please let me know whether e-pass require now a days.

    I am getting below error message.

    The TN e-Pass/e-Registration portal is not operational now.

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  5. Is e-pass for vehicle from other state to TN still compulsory ?

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    • The TN e-registration portal is not allowing me to upload my documents. I have checked the file size, format and filenames. Nothing seems to be working

  8. I am work hotel

  9. You guys are asking for an Indian Mobile number for a foreigner coming to India. How do you expect us to have an Indian Mobile number? Also when you ask for the arrival and departure time it is not really visible AM, PM is overlapping on top of the time. Can you please fix all these problems? It will look so bad to a foreigner even before they get out of Airport.

  10. It is stipulated: “If a person gets a travel E-Pass, will have to isolate themselves for 14 days after he/she completed their journey”. Does this mean, if one goes from Bangalore to Tamil Nadu for a purpose, he has to stay back in Tamil Nadu for 14 days compulsorily? Or is there any other way to return quickly from Tamil Nadu? Secondly, the application in calls for uploading of “DOCUMENTARY PROOF FOR TRAVEL”. If one has to escort some one, what sort of document can one upload?


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