Right to Repair: What it means for consumer electronics in India?

Gone are the days when you had to go to an authorized workshop and wait for days to get your electronic device repaired. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution has launched the Right to Repair portal to address the issue and make it more consumer-friendly.

India has launched the Right to Repair portal. This online platform provides self-repair manuals and details of authorized third-party repair providers, allowing customers to get their laptops, and appliances repaired at any other local shop without worrying about the expiry of the warranty.

The Right to Repair portal provides a wide range of services including product repair and maintenance, replacement parts and warranty information. Customers can also get details of authorized service providers and product warranty and product maintenance and repair information.

What is the Right to Repair?

right to repair portal india

At present, customers have to go to the company’s service centre for repairing mobile, laptops or cars. Its warranty expires when repaired from the outside. But when the Right to Repair Act is implemented, the customer will get its exemption. Manufacturing companies will have to give information about the products to the customers so that they can repair these products anywhere.

For example, if a person’s laptop, mobile, etc. is damaged, then in such a situation he takes it to a service centre to fix it, but under the Right to Repair, that service centre will have to fix that gadget. They can’t refuse to fix it saying that the part is old and can’t be repaired anymore. In such a situation, the company cannot force the customer to buy new goods. Under the Right to Repair Act, the company cannot refuse to repair the old goods of the customers.

How to use the Right to Repair Portal?

  1. Visit the Right to Repair Portal website in India at righttorepairindia.gov.in
  2. Once upon visiting the homepage, visitors can easily identify the various product categories covered by the portal. These include agricultural equipment, mobile/electronics displays/data store components, consumer durables and automobile equipment.
  3. There are two options available to get customer care information for mobile phones on the Right to Repair portal.
  4. One can click on the brand names listed on the homepage or navigate to the Customer Care tab located on the top menu bar, select mobile and then select the brand name.
  5. If you click on the Galaxy A option, you will find clickable links for product details and product registration under the Basic Information section.
  6. Currently, Samsung has included three models, Galaxy S3/S23+, Galaxy Z and Galaxy A on the Right to Repair portal.

Product information provides warranty information and external links to terms and conditions, along with a dedicated section for customer support contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and hours of operation.

You can find information about authorized service centres, repair manuals and accredited multi-brand stores/centres in the service details section. Popular mobile phone and accessory brands such as Apple, Samsung, Oppo and Boat are listed and it is expected that more brands will be added soon.

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