NEET Paper Leaked in Jaipur – Will NEET 2021 be Canceled & Re-Conducted?

NTA NEET Question Paper Leak News – Has NEET-UG Paper Leaked? Will NTA cancel and re-conduct NEET 2021?. The question paper of the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET 2021) is said to have been leaked in Jaipur. The National Eligibility Entrance Examination, NEET 2021 for admission to UG courses in medical and dental colleges was conducted on 12th September 2021. NEET Admit Card was released in the first week of September 2021.

Just two days before the exam, A youth from Rajasthan took a photo of the leaked NEET Question Paper and sent it to 2 friends in Sikar. DCP Richa Tomar informed the media that leaked paper was found in the accused’s phone and a total of 8 persons including a female have been caught by the Jaipur Police.

The examination took place successfully at all other centres across the country without any cheating or paper leaks. Let’s learn more about this news and find out more about this shocking incident which has brought sadness to the intelligent aspirants who actually prepared hard for this medical exam.

NEET Paper Leak News – Has Questions for NEET-UG Leaked Online?

Has NEET 2021 Paper Leaked? Yes
Where was the paper leaked? RIET, Jaipur and Sikar
Total Accused so far 08
Question Paper Price ₹35 Lakh

question paper leaked news

All these 8 students who have been caught in the NEET Paper Leak incident, had their exam centre in Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology (RIET), Jaipur. Following are the major accused in the NEET 2021 Leak case:

  • Ram Singh: Academy owner in Bansur
  • Anil Yadav: e-Mitro owner
  • Dhaneshwari: An aspirant. Niece of Anil Yadav’s Neighbour,
  • Pankaj Yadav and Sandeep: Paper Solver
  • Mukesh Samota: RIET Owner
  • Sunil Rinwan and Dinesh Beniwal: NEET Aspirants from Sikar

CBI conducting raids in JEE Main Fraud

Earlier, there was a case of fraud in JEE Main examination. A private coaching institute had allegedly hacked an examination centre. According to the CBI investigation, hackers used to sit in a distant place on behalf of the students and try to take the exam. As per the CBI probe, coaching centres were demanding ₹12 to ₹15 lakh per student.

Officials had said that CBI teams conducted raids at 19 locations in the national capital region, Pune, Jamshedpur, Indore and Bengaluru.

CBI spokesperson Mr Joshi said, “During the raid, 25 laptops, seven pcs (private computers), about 30 cheques of the later date, as well as a large number of objectionable documents/equipment including the marks table of PDC (provisional degree certificate) of various students, were recovered.”

Important Guidelines for NEET-UG Paper 2021

  • In view of the protection from the epidemic, all candidates at the examination centre maintained social distancing.
  • No candidate was allowed to enter the examination centre without a face mask.
  • The temperature of all the candidates at the entrance was checked with thermometer guns.
  • In case of fever or covid symptoms, they were allotted a separate room and take the exam.
  • The NEET Ug 2021 exam was monitored with CCTV cameras.
  • A candidate who didn’t follow the Covid-19 advisory wasn’t allowed to appear for the examination under any circumstances.
  • Candidates were asked to check the detailed guidelines thoroughly before reaching the examination centre.
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  1. Ya, I gave the 2021 exam worked hard for it and just because of lack of time which was caused by invigilators coming in for personal data collection OMR filling I could not solve the ques which I knew the answer of whereas jee aspirants got 4 chances they have their online exams no need of OMR filling more than 1 min for every ques and paper of both the exams of the same level why NTA is doing this kind of injustice to medical aspirants…it is very depressing for those students who work really hard and then they have to face these things.

  2. Why is not NEET held 3 times like JEE? Does the NTA want to see more suicides and depressions to make this decision?
    When papers are leaked it is not fair to the hardworking students who are taking multiple drops!
    The paper this year was tough and lengthy, the 180 mins allotted to 200 questions ultimately became 165 mins only because the personal data of the students were taken during the exam, which took 15 odd minutes! Students are not robots to answer each question in 82 seconds!

    NEET has proved to be corrupt, students lives are at stake by this malfunction!

  3. We know only some people who leaked paper but it is not actually right only that much people got paper we don’t know how many people got this paper in this circumstances. That students will lost who did more hard work for crack neet so it is better to reconduct the exam but did not understand why govt ignoring all this thing they not thinking about future and dreams of students they only become selfish about their comfort but we want justice its our right

  4. Many people was saying that in bihar also paper was leaked.

  5. Please conduct 2 NEET exams as you have conducted 4 JEE mains exam … Give atleast 2 chances … I dont know why there is no action taken in doing so … Why are NEET exam students being neglected

  6. The neet paper was leaked before exam now it is moral responsibility of nta to re conduct the exam

  7. Will NTA conduct NEET again..??

  8. Is the paper going to be cancelled then?

    • As of now, there is no news about NEET 2021 cancellation or the NEET re-examination due to this question paper leak. There were just a few students who got the paper so their candidature has been cancelled already. Rest will be clear after an official NTA statement and the investigation report from the Rajasthan police.

      • Is neet gonna reconduct??

  9. is neet 2021 leaked before exam ?

    • Yes, the paper was leaked in Jaipur and Sikar.

      • Paper also leaked In maharashtra also with very cheap prices of 8 lakhs

        • Sir can you please give me FIR copys .
          Neet paper leak FiR


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