Kangana Ranaut calls ‘Brahmastra’ a disaster, says this about Karan Johar and Ayan Mukerji

Kangana Ranaut is widely regarded as one of the most gifted actors working in the Hindi cinema business. Whenever she appears on screen, the audience is instantly captivated by her performance. But acting isn’t the only reason she’s in the news; her words also get her a lot of attention.

This time she is making headlines with her statements about the film ‘Brahmastra’. Kangana has once again written a long post on her Instagram story and lashed out at Karan Johar and the film Brahmastra.

Kangana Slams Ayan Mukherjee says that ‘whoever says that Ayan Mukherjee is a genius should be put in jail immediately. Not only this, but she has also taken a dig at Karan Johar. “Everyone who calls Ayan Mukerji a genius should be jailed immediately… It took him 12 years to make this film, he replaced 14 DOPs shot for more than 400 days for this film and changed 85 ADs and 600 crores were burnt to ashes…

Due to the success of Baahubali, there was also an attempt to exploit religious sentiments by changing the name of the film from Jalaluddin Rumi to Shiva at the last minute. If such opportunists, cheats and success-hungry people are called geniuses, then it is a well-thought-out strategy. Which is called day night and night is called day.

Kangana didn’t stop here. She also slammed filmmaker Karan Johar. The actress wrote, “People like Karan Johar should be questioned for their conduct. He is more interested in everyone’s sex life than the script of his films. He himself buys critics, stars, fake tickets and box office collections. This time he tried to ride the wave of Hinduism and the South film industry.

In point of fact, SS Rajamouli, Jr. NTR, and Nagarjuna were seen taking part in the stage productions that were held in Chennai and Hyderabad in order to promote the film. “They will do everything but not hire capable writers, directors, actors and other talents… Instead hired people who went begging to fix this disaster called Brahmastra.

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