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Juwai TEER Result 2021 Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Lottery Number Updates

Juwai TEER Result 2021 Latest Updates/ Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Results. Meghalaya TEER Lottery Number, Lucky Number, Common Number in TEER Game. 

Here on this page, we are providing the Juwai TEER Results of all of the games played on the day. There might be a delay in Juwai TEER Result updates due to the internet connectivity in the area. We update our result tables upon receiving responses from the location of the TEER Game.

Juwai TEER Result of the Lottery will be added here. Juwai is played twice a day. The game is played only on weekdays and there is no game on Sunday.

The Juwai Teer Lottery game is played in the Meghalaya state of India only. In this lottery game, winners are selected on the grounds of the number of arrows shot. Somebody who has bought the tickets for the Juwai Teer game on the game day can check the lucky numbers for the first and second rounds. Every day, some lucky associates get a chance to win the prize money.

Juwai TEER Result for the day game is announced at 1.45 PM and 2.45 PM. While Night TEER Result is announced at 7.45 PM and 8.45 PM. Both games have two shifts and archers take part in both of the games.

You can check the Juwai TEER Result and Night Teer Result Below.

Juwai Teer Result Update

Date2.00 PM3.00 PM03 September 2021xxxx

Old Results

Date 2.00 PM 3.00 PM
02 September 2021 76 03
Date 3.00 PM 4.00 PM
01 Sep 99 22
Date 2.00 PM 3.00 PM
August 27, 2021 11 36
Date 2.00 PM 3.00 PM
August 26, 2021 78 00

Juwai Teer Result

About the Juwai TEER Game

There are a total of 50 archers that shoot a maximum of 30 arrows each in the first round and 20 arrows in the second round. The time to complete one round of shooting should not exceed 2 minutes.

The archery session is played at Jowai Ground. There are over 1000 Jowai Teer ticket booking counters across 11 districts of Meghalaya. The sale of tickets starts at 10 am every day (Monday to Saturday).

Jowai/ Juwai TEER Number Calculation Formula

Teer Formula is based on the Previous day’s Teer Result.

For example, yesterday’s result was:


Now you take a paper and write it like: A B – X Y


Now calculate like:
1) A + Y & X – B
You will get 1 number.
2) Y – X & Y – B/A or Y + B/A
You will get one number.

This way you have to calculate plus & minus for all A, B, X, Y.

Mind that sometimes your plus can’t cross 9. Means you can’t plus 8 with 3, or 5 with 7. In that case, you will have to take the value of one digit.

Keep playing. We will keep updating more on Teer Formula.

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