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SACRED Senior Citizen Employment Portal 2021 Jobs Exchange Registration

Senior Citizens Employment Exchange Portal Registration – 60 Years plus aged citizens can Apply Online for Govt Jobs Re-Employment under the new SACRED Portal scheme. The Central Government is making available a platform called ‘Employment Exchange’ with the intention of providing employment opportunities to senior citizens.

The platform is being set up with a policy called ‘Senior Able Citizens for Re-Employment in Dignity (SACRED)’ which is a respectable re-employment for senior citizens. It has been officially launched by the Central Government on October 1, 2021. Senior citizens above 60 years of age and interested in employment can register in the Senior Citizens Employment Exchange portal, which includes details of their education, experience, skills, interest, etc.

SACRED Website: https://sacred.dosje.gov.in

However, the central government says that it cannot guarantee 100% employment but provides the opportunity. There will be employment opportunities depending on the needs of the companies and their priorities.

SACRED Employment Exchange for Senior Citizens – Apply for Job through Portal

Employment Exchange for Senior Citizens

The Centre Govt has also appealed to companies like CII, FICCI and Assocham through letters to help senior citizens who are interested in doing the job. According to central government reports, the number of senior citizens in the country is growing rapidly. Currently, there are 13.3 crores, senior citizens, in the country.

By 2026, the number will reach 16.28 crores. In the past, the central government has made helpline 14567 available for senior citizens. Regarding the legal issues resolution, emotional support, harassment complaint this number can be contacted. Permission for freelance and pro-free work models will also be provided through the portal.

How Senior Citizens will be selected for the job?

According to the data held by the government, many senior citizens are active. These Senior citizens are said to be useful to companies as stable employees who can spend time, experience and energy capabilities.

Companies will have the opportunity to meet virtually with senior citizens registering on the SACRED portal and select or recruit them. Employment Exchange Portal for Senior Citizens will also train the applicants for the new skills and tasks.

Senior Citizen Employment Exchange – Who can apply for the job?

The inter-ministerial committee decided that retired armed forces personnel, RBI, state and central government employees could be hired for jobs. Social Justice and Empowerment Secretary R Subramanian said the forum will bring together several institutions to provide work opportunities to the elderly. This is the first of its kind initiative

SACRED Portal for Senior Citizens EmploymentApply Here.
To set up the Senior Citizens Employment Exchange the department has sanctioned Rs 10 crore for the project and Rs 60 crore for the creation, maintenance and marketing of the SACRED portal. The portal will provide full time, part-time, independent and free job opportunities. The portal may include retraining and re-skilling options for senior citizens to speed them up as needed.

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  1. The website does not satisfy the users queries.It should be user friendly so that the senior citizens may be immensely benefited.

  2. I am senior citizen age 58 years retaired from shriram city union finance Ltd. Location Lucknow
    Well experience in finance sales & marketing
    Wish re-employ kindly guide me accordingly

  3. Dear sir,
    I am 61 years old with mechanical engineering PhD retired from Department of Atomic energy Kalpakkam looking for teaching in engineering college or any R&D institution.

  4. The site limits the registration for retired people from some States only. The skills are also limited to IT sector. The site has to be suitably redesigned to be user friendly for all retired officials from all States of India and skill parameters to be reset. Then only it will be serving its purpose.

  5. Am senior citizen, Fisheries Graduate worked in different capacities in India and Abroad for over 30 yrs.
    Well experienced in Export marketing of frozen seafood and other food stuff also import sourcing.

  6. Age 64 years private retired Employee worked at Ushodaya enterprises Pvt Ltd Eenadu Telugu daily Hyderabad Qualification graduate

  7. Registration doesn’t completed in said SACRED Portal. If anyone completed the registration please inform how it was done

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  9. I have registered in the site. But not able to log in. How to go about it. Can a step by step guideline be made available or FAQs

    • Whatever guidance is available or told is not complied with. The site is not working properly. Deserving retired offocials/staff personnel are not able to get themselves registered on the site. This is not good. The concerns must look in to the issue required to be resolved.

  10. i am 64 years of age retired bank manager having 30plus years of experience
    wish to re-employ kindly guide me accordingly


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