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Online Registration for Digital Health ID Card 2021 at website direct link under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission – Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana benefits. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched the ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana’ project, which aims to distribute a digital card to every citizen of the country. The project, which was practically implemented in the Union Territories, is now expanding nationwide.

The PM Jan Arogya scheme aims to provide quality, affordable, comprehensive, inexpensive and safe healthcare to every citizen of the country. Here at, you will find the full details of the project. Under the Prime Minister’s Digital Health Mission (NDHM), a unique identification number and Ayushman Digital Health card will be issued to everyone in the country.

This Digital Health identification card contains all information about a person’s health. This means that after the card is issued, the person will visit any doctor in the country, which will include all his health information, including treatment, medical reports, and diseases.

Digital Health Card Benefits, How to Apply ID Online?

digital health id benefits

All information related to a person’s health is recorded on a digital health card. Thus, if a person shows this card to any doctor in the future, they will know all about the patient. This does not mean that the patient does not have to carry their old treatment information files everywhere.

If the patient shows this health identification card, the doctor can know the health condition and be able to pursue further treatment. With the NDHM Digital Health ID card, patients will be able to benefit from government schemes like Ayushman Bharat Scheme. It will also be easy for the government to make the plans to provide the benefits efficiently.

The government will set up a database for each person’s health through the Digital Health card. All details will be kept in that person’s medical record. With the help of this ID, a person can see the complete medical record. All information about a person’s past health status and his medical treatment is easily obtained. It is possible to treat the disease more effectively.

How to Apply for Digital Health Card ID Online at

The Ayushman Digital health card ID is created using a person’s mobile number and Aadhaar number. To do this, the government has created a health care portal, which will collect all the individual records. Public hospitals, community health centres, health and wellness centres can be linked to the National Health Infrastructure Registry.

You can also create your health ID by registering your records at Or you can get the Health ID by downloading the ABDM Health Record app on Google Playstore. It only takes time to confirm the mobile number or Aadhaar number to get the basic details. The Digital Health Card registration process will be completed within 10 minutes.

Ayushman Digital Health ID Card Step by Step Registration 2021

digital health id ayushman bharat

  1. Login to the official Health ID NDHM website
  2. Open the NDHM ID App. The registration page should open.
  3. Click on the Generate ID button.
  4. Then, a green button will be shown to Generate Health ID Via Aadhar Card.
  5. Click that button and enter your Aadhar Number followed by the mobile number.
  6. Complete the required steps by accepting the terms and conditions.
  7. Type the OTP that comes to the mobile number you entered.
  8. Click on the ‘submit button for the final submission of the request.
Digital Health ID Card RegistrationWebsiteAndroid App

Health ID is in the form of a mobile app. It allows hospitals and doctors to share their data digitally. They have the opportunity to choose how often or with whom they want to share specific documents.

If a person wants to benefit from government projects, they need to link their ID to their Aadhaar. A copy of the patient’s records is stored in their doctor’s files and one is stored in their own locker (which may be owned by the company or the government).

This digital platform is launched with 3 main components: Health ID, Registry of Doctors and Registry of Health Facilities. This ID applies to all states, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and pharmacies. It will also include e-pharmacy and telemedicine services at a later date.

Is it essential for every Indian citizen to register for Digital Health ID?

This platform is voluntary. It is up to the person to record or leave a name in this app. Health records are distributed only after obtaining official approval from the individual. It is up to you to provide the details to the hospital and doctors.

The Doctor option now allows doctors from all over the country to register on the app and upload their details. They can also put a contact number if they want. The government’s intention is to make everyone use it, even if the app is voluntary.

Patients are only allowed to open data in their health ID once they visit the hospital for consultation. Patients must be allowed to open their data individually every time they visit for privacy reasons. Also, doctors have access to data for a limited time only.
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