Delete Unnecessary Emails from Gmail Just in One Step

Email is so popular in today’s world that practically everyone has at least one account. Email is required for everything from using mobile applications to working in an office. Gmail, the email client offered by Google, is a highly popular platform, and the vast majority of people make use of it.

Today, we are going to discuss a method that, if implemented, would enable you to have any unneeded emails that are sent to your Gmail account erased immediately upon receipt.

Given the fact that almost every app is connected to our Gmail account, we get a wide variety of messages in that inbox. In addition to business emails, spam emails take up a lot of space on Gmail, and as a result, it is not uncommon for users to miss important work emails because their inbox is cluttered with irrelevant messages.

We are going to share with you a tip that will allow you to avoid having to waste time deleting spam emails from Gmail and will instead have them erased on their own automatically.

Do this by visiting your Gmail account

Open your Gmail account after this. Here you will see the option of ‘Email Studio’ on the right. Click on this option, log in with your Gmail account’s ID and password and then select the option of ‘Email Cleanup’ from the drop-down menu. Go to ‘Add New Rule’ here and feed a particular email address whose emails you do not want to see on your Gmail. By saving it, you can give Gmail the command to delete emails of that particular address every week or every month with the help of ‘Email Studio’.

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