Colors Big Picture Show Questions and Answers Daily Quiz

Find Big Picture Registration Question and Answer Here. Big Picture Registration Tenth Question is Unveiled on 26 July at 9.30 PM. Check Big Picture Tenth Question Day 10 Answer below.

The Colors TV Channel is starting a new Rewarding Show named “The Picture, Tasveer se Taqdeer Tak“. The registration has already been started for the Participation in the show. The famous Bollywood actor Ranvir Singh will host the TV show.

As the 10 Question period is over, in the second phase, the selected candidates will take part in the Online Test. All details regarding the online test and video shoots have also been added by us. Just click the link provided above to get the details.

For the registrations, Colors will unveil one question every day for the next 10 Consecutive Days. The users have to identify the Pictures and answer the question asked by the host.

List of Bigg Boss 15 Participants

A user who is looking to register himself/herself has to visit the Voot app or Jio App and then participate in the Joining Quiz. Once you filled in all the personal details, the question will appear on the screen. You just need to select the right option and click submit.

We will be providing all the questions Day-wise here.

Big Picture Registration Question Day 1 – Question 1

adar poonawala

Q1: Which of these companies is led by the person seen in the picture? (in English)

  • A. Bharat Biotech
  • B. Serum Institute of India
  • C. Biocon
  • D. Cipla

Q1: तस्वीर में दिख रहे यह व्यक्ति इनमें से किस कंपनी का नेतृत्व करते हैं? (in Hindi)

  • A. भारत बायोटेक
  • B. सीरम इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ इंडिया
  • C. बायोकॉन
  • D. सिप्ला

Correct Answer: B

The person in the image is Adar Poonawala

Big Picture Registration Question Day 2 – Question 2

Q2: Which mythological figure is seen with a bow in this picture? (In English)

  • A. Arjuna
  • B. Laxman
  • C. Bhima
  • D. Duryodhana

Q2: कौन से पौराणिक पात्र इस तस्वीर में धनुष लिए हुए देखें जा सकते हैं? (In Hindi)

  • A. अर्जुन
  • B. लक्ष्मण
  • C. भीम
  • D. दुर्योधन

Correct Answer:  A

Big Picture Registration Question Day 3 – Question 3

Q3: With which of these movements was the environmentalist, seen in this picture associated? (In English)

  • A. Bhoodan Movement
  • B. Chipko Andolan
  • C. Narmada Bachao Andolan
  • D. Bachpan Bachao Andolan

Q3:  इनमें से कौन सा आंदोलन पर्यावरण से सम्बंधित था, जो इस फोटो में दिखाया गया है ?

  •  भूदान आंदोलन
  • चिपको आंदोलन
  • नर्मदा बचाओ आंदोलन
  • बचपन बचाओ आंदोलन

Correct Answer: Option B

Big Picture Registration Question Day 4 – Question 4

virat kohli

What does the signal in this picture indicate? (In English)

  • A. Innings declaration
  • B. Substitute player
  • C. Requesting Third-umpire review
  • D. Drinks break

Correct Answer: Option C

इस फोटो में दर्शाया गया इशारा किसके लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है ? 

  • A. पारी समाप्ति की घोषणा
  • B. खिलाडी स्थानांतरित करना
  • C. तीसरे अंपायर के रिव्यु के लिए
  • D. पानी के ब्रेक के लिए

Correct Answer: Option C

Big Picture Registration Question Day 5 Question 5

In Which city The Festival displayed in the picture is celebrated being in?

  • A. Somnath
  • B. Puri
  • C. Madurai
  • D. Kolkata

Correct Answer: B Puri

तस्वीर में दिखाया गया त्यौहार किस शहर में  मनाया जा रहा है ?

  • A. सोमनाथ
  • B. पूरी
  • C. मदुरै
  • D. कोलकाता

सही जवाब : पूरी

Big Picture Registration Question Day 6 Question 6

The lady in the picture is the Chief Scientist in a world organisation fighting to the Covid19. Identify the personality. 

  • A. Megha Rajagopalan
  • B. Tessy Thomas
  • C. Soumya Swaminathan
  • D. Indira Hinduja

Correct Answer: Soumya Swaminathan

तस्वीर में दिखाई गयी हस्ती एक वैश्विक संस्था में मुख्या साइंटिस्ट हैं जो Covid19 से लड़ाई में शामिल हैं ?

  • A. मेघा राजगोपालन
  • B. टेस्सी थॉमस
  • C. सौम्या स्वामीनाथन
  • D. इंदिरा हिंदुजा

Big Picture Registration Question Day 7 Question No 7

The footballer died due to cardiac arrest in a football match against Finland. What country does the player represent?

  • A. Denmark
  • B. Sweden
  • C. France
  • D. Ireland

Correct Answer: Denmark

तस्वीर में दिखाए गए फुटबॉलर की फ़िनलैंड के खिलाफ मैच के दौरान दिल का दौरा पड़ने से  मृत्यु हो गयी थी. यह खिलाडी किस देश की टीम का प्रतिनिधित्व करता था ?

  • A. Denmark
  • B. Sweden
  • C. France
  • D. Ireland

Big Picture Registration Question Day 8 Question 8

The monument displayed on the reverse side of Rs 100 is situated in which state of India?

  • A. Maharashtra
  • B. Gujarat
  • C. Odisha
  • D. Madhya Pradesh

Correct Answer: Gujarat

इस नोट के दूसरी तरफ चिन्हित स्मारक किस राज्य में है ?

  • A. महाराष्ट्र
  • B. गुजरात
  • C. ओडिशा
  • D. मध्य प्रदेश

स्मारक का नाम है रानी का वाव जो की गुजरात के पाटन में स्थित है |

Big Picture Registration Question Day 9 Question 9

Image of Bronze Statue is which of Fictional Character?

  • A. Gandolf
  • B. Mowgli
  • C. Tin Man
  • D. Harry Potter

Correct Answer: Option D Harry Potter

फोटो में दिखाया गया ताम्बे की मूर्ति किस मशहूर काल्पनिक चरित्र की है ?

  • A. गंडोल्फ
  • B. मोगली
  • C. टिन मैन
  • D. हैरी पोटर

Big Picture Registration Question Day 10 Question 10


The visual in the picture is from which Bollywood Movie?

  • A. Pyar Ka Punchnama
  • B. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
  • C. A Wednesday
  • D. Masaan

Correct Answer: Option B Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

चित्र में दिखाए गए सीन बॉलीवुड की किस फिल्म से लिया गया है ?

  • A. प्यार का पंचनामा
  • B. ज़िन्दगी ना मिलेगी दोबारा
  • C. ए  वेडनेसडे
  • D. मसान

How to Register for Color’s Big Picture

If you are willing to participate in the Quiz Show “The Picture”, a user has to register at the Voot app, My Jio App, and on the website We are writing a complete guide below for our readers on how to Register and Participate in “Big Picture”.

  1. First of all, open the My Jio App on your mobile phone.
  2. Then scroll down to the bottom to find JioEngage.
  3. There on the 2nd option, click “Tasveer se Taqdeer tak”.
  4. Enter your registration details like name, email, phone number.
  5. Then, the question will appear on the screen.
  6. Choose the correct option and click submit.
  7. Voila, you have registered yourself for The Big Picture Tasveer se Taqdeer Tak).
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